advice on webcasting..

Julian Elischer julian at
Fri Apr 27 04:12:19 UTC 2007

Ok so I'm gearing up for webcasting the devsummit at BSDCan.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what standard I should be 
broadcasting in order to make it easiest for people to receive
using BSD? 

I have had people using VLC and mplayer in the past but I don't know
what settings to advise people to use or compile in.

Quicktime broadcaster allows the following possibilities:
    * Animation
    * Apple BMP
    * Apple Pixlet (Mac OS X v10.3 only)
    * Apple Video
    * Cinepak
    * Component video
    * DV and DVC Pro NTSC
    * DV PAL
    * DVC Pro PAL
    * Graphics
    * H.261
    * H.263
    * H.264
    * JPEG 2000 (Mac OS X)
    * Motion JPEG A
    * Motion JPEG B
    * MPEG-4
    * Photo JPEG
    * Planar RGB
    * PNG
    * Sorenson Video 2
    * Sorenson Video 3
    * TGA
    * TIFF
    * Video

though I don't know what they all are.
I've haad suggess with mpeg-4 and H264 I think.

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