FreeBSD-6.2 ; Hauppage PVR-350 ; "pvrxxx" port - not working.

Torfinn Ingolfsen torfinn.ingolfsen at
Sun Apr 1 20:03:14 UTC 2007

On Sun, 01 Apr 2007 19:08:48 +0000
Rick Nekus <solarux at> wrote:

> I did portscan fetch;portscan extract; portscan update
> that should do it right ?, or is there a special "usleepless" update 

If you mean "portsnap" here, yes, thayt should do it.

> available?
> umm, trying to make sense of other threads here, does this mean
> install FreeBSD 5.3 ? (is that the alternative for now?), ...

No, by all means. I know it is April Fools' Day, but therer is no need
to go backwards. :-)
FreeBSD 6.2 will be fine.

> uhh ok, well thats' a small letdown, should I use the pvr250 ( they

I should rephrase that; the pvrxxx port doesn't work with the pvr-350
in *my* machine right now. This might be caused by other things than
the port itself, which I haven't ruled out yet (a bad cable, for

> both look the same to me pvr250/xxx ?) or maybe (on a dry-humour note)

The pvr250 and the pvrxxx port might look the same, but the last time I
checked, the pvr250 port was missing some needed ioctl's that MythTV
required. This is some months ago, so things might have changed. Or
not, I haven't checked.

You could try the pvr250 port; if it works - good.

> it sounds close to me ?, am I reading this wrong, but how did you get 

Yes, I guess our cards are equal, perhaps except for the tuner.

> "yours'" working (or did you?) being you have the same cx23415 chip 

I got mine working, or actually, usleep got mine working while
testing the pvrxxx driver. Right now, the canle signal is down, so I
can only watch recordings, not test drivers.

> (PVR-350) set I have -or is this a tuner specific fullfilment that is
> not supported?

I don't think the tuner is shown in the pciconf / lspci output, I think
you will have to load a driver for that. Here is what the pvrxxx driver
says about my card (from dmesg):
cxm0: <Conexant iTVC15 MPEG Coder> mem 0xf8000000-0xfbffffff irq 20 at device 0.0 on pci2
cxm_iic0: <Conexant iTVC15 / iTVC16 I2C controller> on cxm0
iicbb0: <I2C bit-banging driver> on cxm_iic0
iicbus0: <Philips I2C bus> on iicbb0 master-only
cxm0: Philips FM1216ME MK3 tuner
cxm0: SAA7115 rev 1 video decoder
cxm0: MSP4418G-B3 audio decoder
cxm0: IR Remote
cxm0: [FAST]
cxm0: encoder firmware version 0x2060039
cxm0: decoder firmware version 0x2020023

This is with driver:
root at kg-quiet# pv | grep pvr
pvrxxx-20060822             =  up-to-date with port 

(possibly modified)
on a machine running:
root at kg-quiet# uname -a
FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #15: Thu Jan 25 21:44:50 CET 2007     root at  amd64

PS. You don't have to CC me, I am subscribed to the freebsd-mobile list.
Torfinn Ingolfsen,

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