XnView on FreeBSD 6.1 AMD64

Torfinn Ingolfsen torfinn.ingolfsen at broadpark.no
Sat Nov 4 11:20:13 UTC 2006

On Fri, 03 Nov 2006 20:08:51 -0500 (EST)
Robert Krten <root at parse.com> wrote:

> I've been trying to get XnView (1.70) running on AMD64 with FreeBSD
> 6.1 release.
> The port is marked as "i386 only", but the author was surprised that
> it wouldn't work on AMD64, and he suggested downloading the
> executable and running it to see what happens.

This is a binary port, so its hard to "do" something with it if it
doesn't work. :-)
Looking at the port and the web page, it looks like the FreeBSD version
is compiled for FreeBSD 5.x.
I guess that implies that the compat5x-i386 port is needed, and I don't
know if that can be made to run under amd64.

Perhaps you could ask the author to compile a version for FreeBSD 6 /

Torfinn Ingolfsen,

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