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Thu Nov 9 17:40:48 UTC 2006

On Thu, 09 Nov 2006 10:39:36 +0200
Stefan Lambrev <stefan.lambrev at> wrote:

> Are you using FreeBSD 6.2-prerelease i386 ? because I have similar
> problems. When I start skype as user (never tried with superuser) it
> cannot connect, and while trying
> to do so, it fuck up the whole network. Also when this happened skype 
> cannot be killed with -9 even.
> I tried to find something with ktrace, but I really do not understand 
> very much what's going on.
> I notice that skype goes mad and calls a lot gethostbyname().

Please post the ktrace / truss output somewhere. Does your host name
resolve ? /etc/hosts ?

> Well skype is binary (for linux) without debug symbols in it so I
> guess it is almost impossible to know what happens,

Indeed it's very frustrating.

> and may be those complains have to be sent to ? :)


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