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Tue Sep 20 19:35:58 PDT 2005

On Tue, 20 Sep 2005 19:50:25 -0400
David Wassman <myfreebsd at> wrote:
> I realized I might not have included enough detail. I have been using
> this  system with the same sound card since at least 4.8 and don't
> recall having  this issue before.  I am possitive that this works just
> don't know why it  does not now. 
> There was a three week period in which I had no speakers plugged in (I
> have  been in the middle of a move for the last month). During this
> period I have  upgraded the system on occasion ( trying to get azureus
> working with Eclipse  3.1 etc.). 
> I am unsure when exactly the problem occured. It's something you don't
> notice  right away. 
> I was hoping that someone had a similar issue. The sound card is not
> that  uncommon. But several days of googling come up with nothing.
> Hope this may  give some insight. 
> Again thanks for all the help with this and in the past. The freebsd
> mailing  lists are awesome and have always solved issues I couldn't
> figure out on my  own.
My suggestion: try to deal directly with dsp/mixer instead of relying on
sound server. Use mpg321/123 / ogg123 / waveplay / sox to play
something, then try to change mixer value using /usr/sbin/mixer or
aumix. See if that would make any differences.

As a last resort, you may try applying this patch:


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