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Michael Nottebrock lofi at
Mon Sep 19 22:25:53 PDT 2005

On Tuesday, 20. September 2005 02:12, David Wassman wrote:
> I cannot get any application that I run to control the volume. I get sound
> but am not able to adust the volume level. So far the following apps have
> shown this problem:

> [...]

> Noatun (no sound at all so may be different issue)

... is currently broken and doesn't output any sound at all 

> Kaboodle

... has no volume control to begin with.

> Surprisingly, Amarok has no problem in adjusting the sound.

Amarok (and all other applications that use the KDE soundserver, arts, for 
output) has a "soft" volume control - the volume adjusting isn't done through 
the standard OSS mixer but by the soundserver directly on the audiostream).

> I am running FreeBSD 5.4/KDE 3.2.4 with a Sound Blaster Live! sound card.
> My sndstat:
> pcm0: <Creative EMU10K1> at io 0xb800 irq 11 kld snd_emu10k1 (4p/2r/4v
> channels duplex default)
> so the card is recognized.

The driver(s) may simply not support the standard OSS mixer correctly, in 
which case there's nothing much you can do.

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