Sound card recommendations?

Sascha Klauder sklauder at
Thu Nov 24 23:10:30 GMT 2005


 I need to retire my somewhat ancient VIA KT133A-based main-
board.  I'm using a SB AWE64 Gold card right now, but since
modern boards no longer have ISA slots, I'll need a PCI card.

Can anyone give recommendations (for a FreeBSD-supported card,
of course)?  I don't need fancy features (digital output/96kHz
recording/Dolby-whatever), the only must-haves are bass and
treble mixer controls.  I've got an SB Live! as well, and it
just sounds crappy in comparison to the AWE, even with 4Front

Line-out with RCA-jacks (instead of 3.5mm miniplugs) would be
nice, too.


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