saa7134 TV tuner on FreeBSD 6.0 RELEASE

Niek Bouman n.j.bouman at
Thu Nov 24 18:46:54 GMT 2005

Has anyone got a TV card based on Philips' SAA7134 chipset working under 
FreeBSD 6? Mine worked under FBSD 5.4 using the driver from

It is mentioned on the website that the driver is intended to be used on 
a FreeBSD 5.x system, but I tried it anyway on 6.0 and it did not work.
Somebody an idea which change in the freebsd system could cause the 
driver not to work anymore? Or is 6.0 so much different from 5.0 that 
it's not simply one thing that causes it?

Thanks in advance for possible reactions,

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