HDaudio support in FreeBSD6

4Front Technologies dev at opensound.com
Thu Nov 10 21:58:21 GMT 2005

Hi Guys,

The problem we are seeing with the HDAudio driver in FreeBSD is that 
somehow the FreeBSD is putting the device into some kind of sleep state.

We see timeouts from the device.

hdaudio: RIRB timeout
hdaudio_mixer_attach: Codec #0 is not responding
hdaudio: Codec attach failed (-5)
oss: Probing the hardware for Intel High Definition Audio (Azalia) 
controller failed.

The same driver code seems to work perfectly in Linux, Solaris and 
OpenBSD that we also have installed on the same machine.

We've tried to see if it's a OSS thing or FreeBSD thing but the code 
looks a-ok because it works in OpenBSD/Solaris/Linux, so I'm not sure 
what might the problem be.

I suspect it may be how FreeBSD handles PCI-Express bus.

If someone from the kernel group is interested in helping us solve this 
problem, I'll be happy to work with them fix the problem.

Best regards

Dev Mazumdar
4Front Technologies
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