82801FB/FR/FW/FRW Intel High DefiNition Audio Controller

Damian Gerow dgerow at afflictions.org
Thu Nov 10 21:56:53 GMT 2005

Thus spake Evgeny Solovyov (a.n.s.i at gmx.net) [10/11/05 16:40]:
: opensound don't work too, here is dmesg output:
: pcm0: <Intel ICH6 (82801FB)> mem 0xb0000000-0xb0003fff irq 17 at device 
: 27.0 on pci0
: pcm0: unable to map IO port space
: device_attach: pcm0 attach returned 6
: hdaudio: RIRB timeout
: hdaudio_mixer_attach: Codec #0 is not responding
: hdaudio: Codec attach failed (-5)
: oss: Probing the hardware for Intel High Definition Audio (Azalia) 
: controller failed.
: You are/was my last hope  :(

opensound.com has acknowledged that there is a problem with the Intel HDA on
FreeBSD.  The same code works on Solaris, Linux, and even OpenBSD, but fails
on FreeBSD.  They've yet to figure out why.

  - Damian

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