trying to convert mpeg2 to dv

Dieter freebsd at
Fri Nov 4 14:32:17 PST 2005

> > mencoder looks more promising:
> > [...]
> > I don't know what this frameno.avi file is supposed to be?
> >
> I dont know either...

Do you get the

	File not found: 'frameno.avi'
	Failed to open frameno.avi

complaint from mencoder?

> > Once again I get a seg fault.  :-(
> > 
> *oops*
> I just executed
> % mencoder -endpos 5 -oac mp3lame -ovc libdv -o /tmp/f+ck.dv
> dvd://1
> and
> % mencoder -endpos 5 -oac mp3lame -ovc libdv -o /tmp/f_ck.dv
> /tmp/f+ck.dv
> successfully...

What kind of machine is this on?  x86?  I'm on amd64, I wonder if
libdv isn't LP64 clean?

> Maybe your source file is evil or from a parallel world, where DV
> format is somehow evil (take from Futurama/Farnsworth's Parabox)?

I'm not familiar with Futurama/Farnsworth's Parabox.

I tried several source files.  Most seg fault core dump, a couple did
bus error core dump instead.  They are from over-the-air digital TV,
various networks.  Mplayer will play them with default X11 output,
but my X terminal isn't fast enough, (and audio would be nice)
so I'm trying to convert them to DV so I can use my camcorder as a
firewire-to-TV adapter.

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