ICH7 audio support?

Brad Karp bkarp at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Nov 3 03:27:59 PST 2005

> > 3) How back-compatible is the ICH7 audio hardware with previous
> > ICHes?
> >    That is, is there any chance that merely by hacking the device
> >    probe tables, I can "lie" to the current snd_ich driver that the
> >    ICH7 is some earlier-model ICH, and get it to work?
> > 
> ICH7 supposed to have new Intel High Definition Audio (HDA), which
> unfortunately isn't supported (yet). I'm not quite sure whether it is
> backward compatible with AC97, but you can try your luck hacking the
> driver (/usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pci/ich.c) by adding the appropriate
> pci id into ich_pci_probe() function. pciconf -l (chip=xxxx) should
> give you the appropriate value for that.

Thanks, Ariff.

When I received your reply, I was already done hacking the device ID
for the ICH7 into /sys/dev/sound/pci/ich.c. :-)

I'm happy to report that with this hack, snd_ich appears to support
the ICH7 just fine for both audio input and output!

-Brad, bkarp at cs.ucl.ac.uk

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