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Mon May 2 23:18:20 PDT 2005

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 03:47:15AM +0000, Chuck Robey wrote:
> I am rather amazed that the video work on my amd64 box is going to 
> remarkably well.  The sound works digitally across 5.1  channels, and 
> what's more, it looks like all of k3b's functions (at least to the point 
> I understand them) are all working.  All completely without any reliance 
> whatsoever upon x86 compatibility.  It's all done with native-built 
> ports, no packages.
> Anyhow, I have acidrip working well, and I've ripped a dvd.  This is 
> that dvd from a few weeks ago, its' got region==2, and it's in PAL, so I 
> want to set it up in some format that plays in my friend's old dvd 
> player, so he can finally, at long last *see* the dvd he paid for.

if you need to reencode, to go from PAL to NTSC, use ffmpeg's
'-target ntsc-dvd' option, or transcode's '--export_prof dvd-ntsc'.
these options should take care of most of the DVD encoding details.

> He could have watched it some weeks ago on my system, but he wants to 
> see it at home.  How unreasonable!  Anyhow, after I ripped it with 
> Acidrip, it came right up on an .avi format, all in the same format. 
> So, question, anyone know what sort of format plays from a cd to a dvd 
> player (I am happily willing to lose the menus)

it might be easiest to just make a DVD, unless you know what the
player will grok.

making a basic DVD, without menu's and such, may take a few steps,
but it's really not that hard.

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