New ffmpeg CVS versions

Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira lioux at
Sun May 1 21:36:47 PDT 2005


	Latest ffmpeg official release happened a long time ago.
However, the CVS version has been evolving VERY fast. Lots of fixes
and brand new features.

	I have just wrote a sample of the possible final ffmpeg-devel
CVS port. I would like feedback on what could be improved or if
there are some bugs left on the port. Specially from users of
architectures other than i386.

	Side effects, Michael Johnson <ahze at> has found
a few "drawbacks" which will be probably fixed by the time you read
this email. Both vlc and mplayer have some problems with a52 symbols
but probably adding -la52 to their build chains should work. That's
ahze's suggestion :)

	IPV6 support seems to be broken but I won't have a IPV6
kernel box until tomorrow night so I hope someone has a fix before

	Please, test the bktr(4) grabbing code if you can because
that's the main part I had no way to test it.

	Also, I did not test to the correct places to set fPIC and fPIE
so if some kind soul does it before I can reach my computer in
19 hours; I'll really appreciate it. Please try submitting patches
alongside your suggestions but do not refrain just because you do
not have a patch handy.

	This is all about improving both the accuracy and the speed
of ffmpeg playback.

	There are 2 versions of the ffmpeg-devel port:

1 - build and works
port		-> ffmpeg-cvs-20050427.tar.gz
distfile	-> ffmpeg-devel-20050427.tar.gz
2 - does not build, it breaks when trying to build the bktr(4)
    grabbing code. I'll appreciate help fixing it
port		-> ffmpeg-cvs-20050502.tar.gz
distfile	-> ffmpeg-devel-20050502.tar.gz

	Instructions, fetch the distfiles and place them into
/usr/ports/distfiles. Then extract the ports at the place of your
convenience and try building them.

	Bear in mind, that installing these ports might compromise
the stability of vlc, mplayer and some other ports dependent
on ffmpeg.

	However, I might say that it is ALL working for me.

ps: Try ffplay instead of mplayer and tell me what you think about
both of them.
pss: As long as we are here, what about adding ring buffering (video
and time) support to bktr(4) ffmpeg. It should automatically escalate
spinoffs like mplayer, xine, gstreamer, vlc... just to name a few.
Not a small thing to consider. also, try to convince the ffmpeg
"council" to add our grab code to the cvs once in for all. :)


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