AD1888 AC97 codec

David E. Cross crossd at
Tue Mar 22 11:32:50 PST 2005

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 soralx at wrote:
> It appears that this card has additional output channels (for [4,5,6,7].1
> sound) on microphone and/or line-in connector[s] with autodetect. So, as
> far as I understand, what happens is this:
>   0. Line-out is disabled by default (windoze driver enables it at init).
>   1. FreeBSD driver loads, attaches&inits the card, doesn't enable line-out.
>   2. You insert the headphones/speakers/etc connector into mic (or already
>      have it inserted). The card's chipset detects that, so it tells the
>      mux to direct output signal (shifted 20 ms in time?) to mic connector.

Most of that makes sense... except that I believe if I boot with the
speaker into the 'line out' jack it won't work.  it "always" sends to the
mic, no matter what, I can test tonight though.

David E. Cross

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