AD1888 AC97 codec

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Tue Mar 22 10:33:39 PST 2005

> On Mar 22, David Cross wrote:
> > I am having some trouble with a machine with an AD1888 AC97 codec.
> > Searching the list I see that all I need to do is to move the speaker
> > connection from speaker to microphone.  It works.. but windows actually
> > has the sound come out the designated speaker.  Now as much as I don't
> > use windows on this machine it seems to indicate that we are in fact
> > doing something wrong.
> 	Weird stuff.

It appears that this card has additional output channels (for [4,5,6,7].1
sound) on microphone and/or line-in connector[s] with autodetect. So, as
far as I understand, what happens is this:
  0. Line-out is disabled by default (windoze driver enables it at init).
  1. FreeBSD driver loads, attaches&inits the card, doesn't enable line-out.
  2. You insert the headphones/speakers/etc connector into mic (or already
     have it inserted). The card's chipset detects that, so it tells the
     mux to direct output signal (shifted 20 ms in time?) to mic connector.

>         --Mat
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