saa7134 tv tuner

Юрий ruscit at
Sat Mar 19 18:56:08 PST 2005

Hello  freebsd-multimedia 
I have an Avermedia  AverTV 307 studio  tv tuner (saa 7134 chip) and 
I cant make it work on my Freebsd 5.3 
I have downloaded the driver and applications from mentioned on the mailing list 
and the system seems to recognize the card 
saa0: <Phillips SAA7134 AV broadcast decoder> mem 0xff9ffc00-0xff9fffff irq 19 at device 3.0 on pci2 
iicbus0: <SAA713x I2C Controller> on saa0 
*just that* 
but when I start TV viewing applications - ftvv , xawtv 
I get a black screen 
I tried to load additional kernel modules like 
iic, pcf but it didnt make any difference 
What can be done?  

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