adding a directory to a CD-image (.iso)

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Fri Mar 18 10:30:49 PST 2005

> If I may add: So we need a program, that appends ISO9660 data to
> an existing file in a ufs filesystem (maybe via mdconfig)...

If I had to spec it out, I'd say, it needs to be able to modify an existing 
iso9660 image. Ideally, I'd just be able to mount the image as a file system 
and have my way with it (rm/mv/cp), but that would require kernel work.

A set of use-space tools like that provided by emulators/mtools for FAT 
filesystems would do fine.

The objective, again, is to preserve the original image's many options such 
as, in this example, vendors' records, copyrights, bootblocks, etc.

> Unfortunately growisofs cannot do that, because it wants a SCSI
> device (or does somebody know how to turn a file into a faked SCSI
> device?).

Maybe, growisofs (maintainers CC-ed) will offer that in the future?


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