Capturing video with Intel Smart Video Recorder III

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Tue Jun 14 18:13:46 GMT 2005

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:11:17 -0400
<dmwassman at> wrote:

> Thanks Steve. I appreciate the help. I will try the env variable when I get home tonight. One more question about the processor speed though. Does it matter that I have nothing else running on the machine (ie no X, MTA, Services except SSH and NFS) as far as performance of capture? Do you think ffmpeg would be able to grab at higher quality if it is the only process running?

	You'll need a pretty idle machine to make a good capture anyway,
but for the most part things like X and MTAs don't eat much CPU unless
they're being used quite heavily.

	I think your best bet is nuppelvideo to capture and recode with
mencoder afterwards if space matters. You won't get ffmpeg to capture
full resolution on a 400MHz PII no matter what you do.

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