New pcm feeder_rate implementation

Ariff Abdullah skywizard at
Tue Jun 14 17:07:04 GMT 2005

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 08:51:25 -0400
Mathew Kanner <mat at> wrote:
> On Jun 11, Ariff Abdullah wrote:
> > Alright folks, here is the new, or should I say *much* improved
> > feeder_rate implementation. This new implementation try to address
> > what the older one failed to do: *insane* / wide range rates
> > support so you can play your super-ridiculous 1024000Hz ultrasonic
> > mosquito repeller files *on the fly* without having to resample
> > just to satisfy 4000 - 48000hz limit. The code also much shorter /
> > cleaner, still preserving good old bits from Orion's
> > implementation. The file is designed to be a drop in replacement
> > for RELENG_5 / HEAD and you can get it at:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > feeder_rate.c : mandatory
> > vchan.c       : mandatory for those having fixed rate AC97
> > soundcard,
> >                 or simply want to liberate themselves from 44100
> >                 vchan limit.
> > 
> > Enjoy your ultra-insane sound, something like mplayer -af
> > resample=1024000:0:2 should do that.
> > 
> > As usual, feedback / comments are welcomed.
> 	This is awesome.  We were just discussing proposal on the
> developers list and I was hot for a mixer replacement.  Anyway, I'm
> tied up for the next few days with work.  I'll take a look and test
> over the week and we'll try to get this in on the weekend.
> 	I hope other people on the list will also test and respond
> with their results.
> 	--Mat

The tendency to mutilate it so high. I leave it there, as is, until
you come back. Yeah, out current state of mixer sub is really, really
dissapointing (well, for me, still fine). We should move OSS legacy
stuffs out of it and provide some sort of compatibily interface.

Please tell me if there are any anomalies with this new
implementation as compared to the older one, especially with sound
quality (I don't think so.. but who knows) or latency issues.
Remember, playing super-insane files are rather CPU intensive. This
implementation provide flexibility, *not* insanity :)



Ariff Abdullah
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