New pcm feeder_rate implementation

Ariff Abdullah skywizard at
Sat Jun 11 16:12:27 GMT 2005

Alright folks, here is the new, or should I say *much* improved
feeder_rate implementation. This new implementation try to address
what the older one failed to do: *insane* / wide range rates support
so you can play your super-ridiculous 1024000Hz ultrasonic mosquito
repeller files *on the fly* without having to resample just to satisfy
4000 - 48000hz limit. The code also much shorter / cleaner, still
preserving good old bits from Orion's implementation. The file is
designed to be a drop in replacement for RELENG_5 / HEAD and you can
get it at:

feeder_rate.c : mandatory
vchan.c       : mandatory for those having fixed rate AC97 soundcard,
                or simply want to liberate themselves from 44100 vchan

Enjoy your ultra-insane sound, something like mplayer -af
resample=1024000:0:2 should do that.

As usual, feedback / comments are welcomed.


Ariff Abdullah
MyBSD (IPv6/IPv4) (IPv6/IPv4) (IPv6/IPv4)

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