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4Front Technologies dev at
Fri Jun 3 18:56:27 PDT 2005

Hi guys,

I've uploaded the source code for the OSS Mixer Extensions at

The tar file contains the following:

1) LICENSE - just a BSD license for the source/header
2) mixer.c - legacy and the new mixer extensions
3) mixer_core.h - defines/headers
4) soundcard.h - new OSS v4.0 API which you can use in FreeBSD.

Mixer documentation is at:

Source code for the mixers using the extensions is available in the 
OSS/FreeBSD 3.99.2d package - look in /usr/lib/oss/sndkit directory.

If you have question, feel free to email me and I'll get them

Best regards
Dev Mazumdar
4Front Technologies
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