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Thu Jun 2 00:56:21 PDT 2005

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> Scott Long wrote:
>> Actually,having an enabling API that is tied to the OS like SALSA seems
>> to be is a very good thing to have in the base system.  Why drive the
>> ports team nuts with it breaking at the drop of a hat every time someone
>> tweaks the kernel sources?

SALSA is a ALSA<->OSS converter. So beneath the supporting functions
mentioned below, there should be not much need to change the API/ABI.

>> I'm highly in favor of enabling technologies like this.  It makes
>> everyone's lives easier.

> Anyway, the source is available for SALSA (based on ALSA 1.0.7) and it's
> probably already incompatible with ALSA 1.0.9 released a couple of days
> ago. 4Front doesn't have the bandwidth to keep tracking ALSA every day

And this looks to me like having it in the ports collection allows more easy
updates. I compare this to what we did with perl.

> of the week to see what changed (we got hopelessly out of sync in just
> one week when we tried developing a shim module - see the cuckoo
> project at:
> There will be some changes needed in the freebsd drivers for the SALSA
> libs to work and don't worry it's nothing too difficult - mainly just
> some bookeeping functions.


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