bktr now broken for me

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Sun Jan 2 23:17:34 GMT 2005

On Sunday, 2. January 2005 23:54, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Julian Elischer wrote:
> > Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> >> On Sunday, 2. January 2005 12:18, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> >>> The most recent commit to bktr completely breaks the driver for me.
> >>>
> >>> When starting a tv application, I get
> >>>
> >>> bktr0: tuner @ 0xc2
> >>> bktr0: MT2032 write failed (i2c addr 0xc0)
> >>
> >> Looking at the changes, it seems that my card is misidentified as a
> >> PCTV Rave with an MT2032 tuner now. I can override the tuner type when
> >> I compile the driver into the kernel and set options
> >> BKTR_OVERRIDE_TUNER=10 and get TV again - that's fine for me, but I
> >> find it a bit wonky that the sysctl only works if the driver does not
> >> detect any tuners in the first place.
> I don't have one of these cards and are just making commits as a service
> to people who submit patches, but have no commit proves. if
> you would like to change the way the sysctl works, feel free to submit
> a patch to teh multimedia list for discussion and if there is an agreement,
> we can commit it.

I'm not really interested (or able) to rewrite bktr to that extent, but it 
would be nice if only PCTV Rave cards were actually recognised as PCTV Rave 
cards. I've cc'd the author of the patch with this mail - Arne, can you 
perhaps try and narrow down the PCI IDs for the PCTV Rave cards somewhat? At 
present, it catches all Pinnacle brooktree devices which come with Pinnacle's 
"new" vendor id and that generates quite a lot of false positives.

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