bktr now broken for me

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Sun Jan 2 22:54:57 GMT 2005

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Michael Nottebrock wrote:
>> On Sunday, 2. January 2005 12:18, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
>>> The most recent commit to bktr completely breaks the driver for me.
>>> When starting a tv application, I get
>>> bktr0: tuner @ 0xc2
>>> bktr0: MT2032 write failed (i2c addr 0xc0)
>> Looking at the changes, it seems that my card is misidentified as a 
>> PCTV Rave with an MT2032 tuner now. I can override the tuner type when 
>> I compile the driver into the kernel and set options 
>> BKTR_OVERRIDE_TUNER=10 and get TV again - that's fine for me, but I 
>> find it a bit wonky that the sysctl only works if the driver does not 
>> detect any tuners in the first place.

I don't have one of these cards and are just making commits as a service
to people who submit patches, but have no commit proves. if
you would like to change the way the sysctl works, feel free to submit
a patch to teh multimedia list for discussion and if there is an agreement,
we can commit it.

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