broadcasting a talk

Julian Elischer julian at
Sun Dec 4 21:18:51 PST 2005

I'm going to give  a talk on Netgraph on Wednesday
and I was wonderring if anyone had suggestions about what could be done for
broadcasting it on the net.

Unfortunatly the old mbone/multicast system  doesn't seem to be working
much these days so I'm guessing that we would need a server based 
aproach, (though
I'd be pleased to hear otherwise)

I have a DV camrecorder that could be used via firewire.
anyoen have suggestions as to wha the next steps would be?

It's not critical, just a "that would be fun" thing.

I haven't been following what tanscoding tools are around and what could 
be used 
to process a DV (and sound) stream into a useable stream, and what 
client would
the viewers use?


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