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On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 20:38:07 -0400
Damian Gerow <dgerow at afflictions.org> wrote:

> Thus spake Alexander Leidinger (Alexander at Leidinger.net) [26/08/05 10:22]:
> : > But, if the traffic on list multi-media list is any indication, over 
> : > against the traffic on other lists, multimedia on freebsd seems a bit of a 
> : > lower-interest arena.
> : 
> : At least not much committers want to make their fingers dirty in the
> : sound code... or they don't have the time to do it.
> Could said committers point to a few places a relatively new C coder could
> use to learn to write drivers?  I'd have no problem getting my fingers
> dirty, but the few times I've tried to do so, I was thwarted by not
> understanding much of anything.

but don't be surprised if it doesn't explain the current way of
writting a sound driver.

If you find something wrong, please report it here and/or in our PR
database. Much better would be a patch which corrects the error, but
just a report about outdated content is better than not knowing about
the problem at all.


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