TV tuner woes

Gustavo De Nardin gustavodn at
Sat Apr 30 11:12:52 PDT 2005

2005/4/30, Greg 'groggy' Lehey <grog at>:
> 2.  An el cheapo BT 878 card.  The card itself is recognized and
>     supported by the bktr driver:
>         options bttv card=0x25 tuner=38
>         options tuner force=0,0x61 ignore=0,0x60 debug=1
>       Did a modprobe bttv and tried recording something and now it
>       works perfectly.
>     My problem is that I don't understand how this relates to the
>     FreeBSD driver.  Can anybody clarify?

I started trying to make it work right on FreeBSD, but never
finished... Here
<> is what I
believe was my last try. IIRC it worked, but channel numbers were "off
by one". To get the right i2c adress I simply changed the probing
order. I haven't really used the card for some time, so I didn't
really tried it on FreeBSD 5.

Hope it helps.

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