uaudio patch,

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Apr 28 02:07:19 PDT 2005

Mathew Kanner <mat at> wrote:

> 	This patch is no consistent with then rest of sound.  You will
> notice that with my pending uaudio caps patch that I add this
> information in boot_verbose which is where it belongs.

I still don't understand why this belongs into the dmesg instead of

In my eyes it would be nice if every soundcard would list the features it
offers in sndstat. This not only consists of it's capabilities, it also
should list SPDIF output, EAX and so on (either when we gain support for
those features, or with an explicit "not supported" text). I think this
would be more userfriendly than printing this in the dmesg on verbose boot


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