mplayer video output driver not working

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Fri Nov 26 11:09:36 PST 2004

Kevin Smith wrote:
> For kicks, I tried a different DVD, and it worked !...Reason why I 
> didn't think of trying this first was that the faulty DVD plays fine in 
> xine.  That still doesn't solve the problem completely, though;  Why 
> does this one DVD play on other players (on freebsd and other OS 
> players), but not on mplayer.   Perhaps some security/copyright decoding 
> of some sort that xine is doing that mplayer is not  ?

Just a guess: Perhaps the content on the DVD that does not work is NOT 
css-encrypted and mplayer simply doesn't handle that case right. Try to mount 
the DVD like a normal CD-ROM and then try playing the vob files directly ...

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