mplayer video output driver not working

Jacob Meuser jakemsr at
Fri Nov 26 01:21:48 PST 2004

On Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 12:32:58AM -0800, Kevin Smith wrote:
> For kicks, I tried a different DVD, and it worked !...Reason why I 
> didn't think of trying this first was that the faulty DVD plays fine in 
> xine.  That still doesn't solve the problem completely, though;  Why 
> does this one DVD play on other players (on freebsd and other OS 
> players), but not on mplayer.   Perhaps some security/copyright decoding 
> of some sort that xine is doing that mplayer is not  ?

I think the idea that you were not playing the right title is
probably right.

> >Playing dvd://.
> >Reading disc structure, please wait...
> >There are 29 titles on this DVD.
> >There are 1 chapters in this DVD title.
> >There are 1 angles in this DVD title.

Quite unlikely that the title you want only has one chapter.
Did you try all the others?  Did you try lsdvd to see what it
thinks the main title is?  What title does xine say it's

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