TV Tuner Card support under FreeBSD

Aaron Walker zenboy at
Sat Nov 6 01:21:41 PST 2004

I'm getting some mixed signals on which TV Tuner cards are supported.
First I see that only the BrookTree chipset is supported, but then I
see references to Phillips chipset tuners in the manual. I have access
to two tv tuner cards, one a VisionTek Xtasy Everything (Geforce 2 MX
400 64M ViVo) and the other an ATI All In Wonder 128 (Rage 128 chipset
16M). Obviously the Xtasy is the better card, but are either of these
supported under FreeBSD for TV Tuning, or would I be better off just
leaving these two for some other flavor of Multimedia box?

Aaron Walker
Fairview, OR

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