dancing with the daemon

Nicolas Souchu nsouch at free.fr
Mon May 31 12:41:52 PDT 2004

On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 09:39:58AM +0100, Gao Long wrote:
> Thanks for your advice and interest:)
> I noticed that KGI is a big frame work of a console graphical 
> driver infrastrauture , while my idea is so simple that it can not recognize 
> any movie file format, it needs just a soft timer and some bmp pictures , 

Simple ideas are the good ones ;)

> and show up a short animation. It will base itself on the fb and splash 
> module (maybe kgi afterwards:) , on which I think I may get some help 
> from you , cause I always feel lack of syscons knowledge . Additionally 

I don't have particular skills on syscons. But once done on syscons, I'll
rapidly get it working for KGI as I did with the splash to have the
background daemon.

> the console swithing systems may also be helpful to me as I may want
> to switch to another virtual console when the current virtual console 
> is busy splashing the moving pictures.
> It is good to have the daemon dancing on the black console from the 
> startup , isn't it :)

Definitely! It should be simple first. Loadable modules like splash
decoders would enable adding support for more complex formats
in the future...

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