A rant about digital audio on FreeBSD

Edd list at arameus.net
Tue May 11 00:31:11 PDT 2004


I am researching using FreeBSD as a DAW, but it seems I am somewhat
limited to inferior application due to the fact that FreeBSD cannot
implement JACK. Although a port does exist, it is marked as knackered. I
have read many mail ilst posts where people have been asking similar
questions, but no joy.

The application I really really wish to run on my 5.2.1 box is ardour. It
looks like the leading DA studio software availible and reminds me of
nuendo (just looking at shots). I am going to try it out on a slackware
pc soon (temproarily) and Im guessing I am going to have to use linux to
run this app. Just wondered if anyone is working on porting JACK to
FreeBSD (currently) before I take this route.

Also the linux community have decided to ditch OSS in favour of ALSA. Why
was this? was there someting wrong with OSS? If so shoudl teh FreeBSD
community look at a new and improved audio system?

If I cannot run ardour on FreeBSD, then what apps can I? I have tried
audacity, but there are some latency issues here, also editting is
limited. If you have ever seen a studio engineer play with a commercial
multitrack editor then you will see exactly what I mean. I have looked
into using rosegarden, but this requires ALSA. Sweep is a very nice
audio program, but it does not multitrack. snd is old fashioned. There
must be someone out there doing thier pro audio tasks on FreeBSD, if so
Id love to hear from you .

Thanks all!

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