unimplemented sound ioctl

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Wed Jun 30 09:34:29 PDT 2004

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 22:41:22 +0930
"Daniel O'Connor" <doconnor at gsoft.com.au> wrote:

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> On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 22:03, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> > > Is that really the problem? I tried my .so to fake that out but then I
> > > found noone online to test it with.
> >
> > Use the echo123 user, she records your message for 10 secs and then
> > repeats it. ATM I have problems with, it segfaults most of the
> Ahh handy!
> Hmm, she doesn't like me :(
> Either I get routing -> failed, or routing -> refused.
> I'll try it some more later.

She isn't able to answer more than one call... :-)

> > time. Yesterday I was able to login once, today it segfaults everytime
> > I start it. So I won't commit it.
> Hmm OK.. I have here. (ports/net/skype) has some bugfixes.

> > I don't see where the ioctl can be the problem, but I don't have access
> > to the source. I told them some hours ago about it, now I'm waiting for
> > a response.
> Fingers crossed then :)
> > > I can't seem to find the source for it anywhere.
> >
> > It's closed source. But I got the attention (and email address) of some
> > of their developers.
> Should come in handy :)

Their headquarter is ~one hour away from here... but their development
team seems to be spread around the world.

> > > Alternatively you can just implement those ioctl's either in the linux
> > > compat layer or the sound code (as stubs)
> >
> > Yeah... or we hope that a sound guy does it the right way... :-)
> Heh, well I don't think it's a bug in FreeBSD - if you want to record audio 
> you open the device for reading, if you want to write you open it for 
> writing..

The OSS documentation from 4front suggests to use this ioctl if you want
to use full duplex functionality. I think it's a bug that we don't
support those ioctls. But let's hope there will be a workaround in skype
(if this is the reason why we aren't able to use skype).


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