TV Out

gabriel dandrades normal1 at
Mon Jul 19 16:22:11 PDT 2004

Does anyone have any experience with TV out on freebsd. I've basically
tried everything I could possibly think of to get the audio working.
When I try to use an appllication like FXT the video comes up just
fine but no audio, should the application complain about something
being wrong with audio. I've posted this question before hoping
someone has experience with it if not I'm gonna have to trash the card
and thats a pretty good card :\

I've already done the physical side of troubleshooting as far as using
speakers and headphones and verifying that there isnt sound coming out
of the audio in or audio out of the TV tuner so I'm almost 80% sure
its software or configuration related.

Any Ideas? If not, anyone wanna bid on a TV Tuner? :P


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