Does anyone compose music using any of theportsfromthe/ports/audio collection in FreeBSD?

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Thu Jul 15 16:04:12 PDT 2004

Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:

> Speaking of which, I was browsing 4Front's site the other day and was a
> little disappointed to see that even the existing FreeBSD support is
> not available for amd64.  Is that likely to change anytime in the
> future?

Hi Conrad,

I just got FreeBSD/AMD64 installed however the KLD support isn't working or 
implemented. Just to make sure that it wasn't an OSS issue, I tried using the 
/usr/share/examples/kld/cdev as a test to see and it fails as well. I just
asked a question on freebsd-amd64 to see if anybody had ideas:

> We are trying to get Open Sound System modules compiled under FreeBSD/AMD64.
> I looked at the /usr/share/examples/kld/cdev example and it fails to link:
> ld: cdev.kld: relocation R_X86_64_32S can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
> cdev.kld: could not read symbols: Bad value
> If I add -fPIC to the compile files (I have to remove -mcmodel=kernel and -no-redzone) then the module links but running kldload cdev.ko causes:
> kldload: unexpected relocation type 7
> link_elf: symbol copyinstr undefined
> We are seeing the same problems in our OSS modules. So is there any work going on to add KLD support for FreeBSD/AMD64?

So looks like OSS support for FreeBSD/AMD64 cannot progress until KLDs work.

best regards

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