more cxm troubles in 5.3...

Pascal pascal at
Wed Dec 22 04:05:13 PST 2004

Paul Chvostek wrote:

 > Is it me, or is cxm just not happy in 5.3-RELEASE?

I have a few problems with my pvr350 on 5.3-RELEASE (just see my other 
post, i think these are differents issues) but, essentially, it worked well.

 > uname -a
(..) FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p1   i386

cxm0: <Conexant iTVC16 MPEG Coder> mem 0xc8000000-0xcbffffff irq 17 at 
device 6.0 on pci0
cxm_iic0: <Conexant iTVC15 / iTVC16 I2C controller> on cxm0
iicbb0: <I2C bit-banging driver> on cxm_iic0
iicbus0: <Philips I2C bus> on iicbb0 master-only
cxm0: Philips FQ1216ME tuner
cxm0: SAA7115 rev 1 video decoder
cxm0: MSP3415G-B8 audio decoder
cxm0: IR Remote
cxm0: encoder firmware version 0x2040011


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