Losing weight impossible?

Hilary S. Schultz schultzfe at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 20 18:41:05 PST 2004

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 0.1 FORGED_RCVD_HELO       Received: contains a forged HELO
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                            [URIs: siteupforfun.net]
 0.8 DRUGS_ERECTILE_OBFU    Obfuscated reference to an erectile drug
 0.0 DRUGS_ERECTILE         Refers to an erectile drug
 4.0 DRUGS_ANXIETY_OBFU     Obfuscated reference to an anxiety control drug
 0.0 DRUGS_ANXIETY          Refers to an anxiety control drug
 2.4 DRUGS_PAIN_OBFU        Obfuscated reference to a pain relief drug
 0.4 DRUGS_DIET             Refers to a diet drug
 0.1 DRUGS_SLEEP            Refers to a sleep aid drug
 0.0 DRUGS_PAIN             Refers to a pain relief drug
 2.7 DRUGS_SLEEP_EREC       Refers to both an erectile and a sleep aid drug
 0.0 DRUGS_ANXIETY_EREC     Refers to both an erectile and an anxiety drug
 2.7 DRUGS_MANYKINDS        Refers to at least four kinds of drugs

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