Recommendation for FreeBSD 5.3 TV-Out capable card?

Robert Krten root at
Fri Dec 10 04:46:04 PST 2004

Michael Nottebrock sez...
> On Friday, 10. December 2004 05:04, Vulpes Velox wrote:
> > > I have an old ATI Rage II card with TV-out, but the drivers don't
> > > handle the TV-out aspect correctly either.
> TV Output with open source drivers is generally a pain. Most manufacturers=
> =20
> have submitted to the evil empire that is Macrovision and won't give out=20
> specifications to anybody, and US-based developers are usually scared enoug=
> h=20
> to not reverse-engineer things either. TV-Output support for _some_ Radeons=
> =20
> apparrently is in the GATOS ati.2 driver (

Aha!  Well, that certainly explains the (otherwise) complete lack of response.
The amusing thing is, I've been using QNX 4 and it supports the TV-Out of the
old RAGE II just fine.  QNX has, therefore, found its way into settop box
configurations, and other TV-output applications that have nothing to do
with Macrovision :-)

In any event, thanks much for the info and pointers; appreciate it!


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