DVD Authoring - resend sorry if people get 2 copies

Tim Aslat tim at spyderweb.com.au
Mon Apr 5 00:24:50 PDT 2004

Hi All,

quick question (hopefully)

I have a project I've been asked to do for a friend and it's proving to
be a little tricky.

What I have been asked to do, is to capture video off a camera, add a
visible timestamp and dump it to DVD/VCD, which I've chosen to do under

Currently I have a simple camera, hooked up through a Hauppauge
PVR-350 capture card which is working like a dream thanks to John Wehle,
my problem now is how to get a timestamp to display on the final DVD.

I've managed to munge together a script using spumux/dvdauthor and a
couple of perl scripts to generate the timestamp as subtitles, however
this is proving to be rather slow and I can't force the subtitles to be
displayed on a standalone DVD player.

Does anyone know of a script/program to handle this kind of thing which
will work under FreeBSD?

Any help would be appreciated.



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