How to configure dual head & G550

iamcarmoda at iamcarmoda at
Fri Sep 5 19:35:40 PDT 2003


i was holding off from making the jump to 5.1 on my workstation [win2k]
mainly because of my Matrox 550 card. I think it's time to get a third HD
and give it a go next week. It'll be the last windows machine in my office.

On another note: I have a Matrox G220 + Rainbow Runner card [type 1 AGP]
with no home if anyone want to make an offer.

> I was successful configuring dual-head after much, much googling and some
> excellent advice from a very small number of list members.  The lack of
> documentation both on the XFree86 web site and the FreeBSD site was quite
> discouraging.  While I find the handbook, for example, quite useful for
> general concepts, there are few detailed technical references both
> and informal for FreeBSD.
> What I did conclude:
> On Friday 05 September 2003 03:58 am, Andre Albsmeier wrote:
> > On Wed, 27-Aug-2003 at 17:31:30 -0400, Robert Froese wrote:
> > > Hello all,
> > >
> > > I'm interested in converting my single head Matrox G400 system to a
> > > head G550 system.  I've aquired the hardware assuming it will work,
> > > after a half-hour now looking for instructions I haven't found any.
> > > anyone point me to some resources that suggest where to begin?  I'd
> > > greatly appreciate it.

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