pcm0: <Intel 82801CA (ICH3)> fails at recording

Luis J. Rodriguez luisja at we.lc.ehu.es
Thu Oct 16 07:37:12 PDT 2003


I have a Dell Latitude C640 laptop, with an integrated 16-bits soundcard,
compatible with Soundblaster (Intel 82801CA). It plays well any kind of
sound but it fails at recording. I try to record an utterance with the

rec -f s -s w -r 16000 -t raw foo.raw

but when I play the resulting file with:

play -f s -s w -r 16000 -t raw foo.raw

it sounds creaky and slow, completely distorted.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks, ;-)

Luis Javier Rodríguez Fuentes
Departamento de Electricidad y Electrónica
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad del País Vasco
Apartado 644
48080 BILBAO

telephone   +34 946012716
fax         +34 946013071
e-mail      luisja at we.lc.ehu.es

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