gnome-volume-control funny.

Carl Makin carl at
Thu May 29 07:29:52 PDT 2003

Morning all,

Gnome-volume-control uses /dev/mixer for sound card 1 and /dev/mixer1 
for sound card 2.

Normally /dev/mixer is a symlink to /dev/mixer0 however in my config 
I'd rather it pointed to /dev/mixer1 since I have the second sound card 
connected to speakers and the first one connected to a shortwave 

I think Gnome-volume-control should use /dev/mixer0 rather than 

Should I report this as a bug to the Gnome people themselves or is it a 
FreeBSD problem?

It's a FreeBSD 4.8 box running Gnome 2.2 cvsupped and compiled Tuesday.



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