emu10k1 and rear speakers

Jim Ramsay lists at jimramsay.com
Thu May 22 11:11:11 PDT 2003

So far my new SB PCI 512 (emu10k1 chipset) card works wonderfully
for playback and recording, and even simultaneous playback and

Now my question is, how can I get stuff to play out the "rear
speaker" jack?

I don't even really want a different audio to be played there
(Read: I don't want "Livin La Vida Loca" MP3 playing out the
front while "Hit me baby one more time" plays out the rear,
though I suppose this could solve my problem, in a way).

I'd really just like the rear speakers to be playing exactly the
same thing as the front, but with separate volumes.

Is there any support for these rear speakers on this card, or can
I just let the jack fill up with dust?

Jim Ramsay
i.am at jimramsay.com                         PGP Key ID: 0xBE28F488

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