Linux port of the Brooktree Soundchip drivers

Alexander Langer alex at
Wed May 21 18:09:31 PDT 2003

Thus spake Ulrich Spoerlein (q at

> Did you take a look at kern/46872? It works for me, initializing the
> MSP3415D-B3. Funny thing is, that I just copied the initialization code
> from the FM tuner part.

Yes, ages ago.  Tried it, didn't work for me.  It actually shouldn't work
if you look at the specs, it's probably just luck :)

That's, btw, the reason why I finally started to port the linux driver.

> > However, I really need to input of testers and if you encounter any
> > problems.
> I can't reboot this machine right now, but I will test your patch ASAP.

If you encounter compile problems, try to remove some of the debugging
printf's.  This patch is also a bit incomplete, you either have to add
msp34xx.c to sys/conf/files or to the kernel module's Makefile, whatever
you are using.

I'll come up with an updated version on the weekend, if I find the time.

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