Logitech Wingman Attack joystick

Alex Teslik alex at acatysmoof.com
Tue May 6 00:15:25 PDT 2003


    Mat got this working for me off-list, but I said I would post the final
results for the list. Keep in mind that I re-compiled my kernel, taking out
device pcm and device joy because I'm loading them as kernel modules. Of
course, you also want to make sure you have joy devices in your /dev which you
can do with
/dev/MAKEDEV joy*
before you load the modules.

1) Change src/sys/modules/joy/Makefile to add pci
--- Makefile.old        Mon May  5 23:59:50 2003
+++ Makefile    Mon May  5 21:14:18 2003
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 .PATH: ${.CURDIR}/../../isa
 KMOD   = joy
-SRCS   = bus_if.h device_if.h isa_if.h joy.c
+SRCS   = bus_if.h device_if.h isa_if.h pci_if.h joy.c
 MAN    = joy.8

2) Apply the attached patch to src/sys/isa/joy.c.  This patch adds pci support
to the joystick driver (if I understand it correctly). This patch is against
4.8-RELEASE joy.c. Note the attached patch is slightly different than Mat's
first patch. He changed a line off-list. All credit goes to Mat on this, none
of the work in this patch is mine.

3) rebuild the joy module.
     cd src/sys/modules/joy

4) Move the new joy.ko into /modules

5) kldload -v joy

6) kldload -v <your_soundcard_module>

So, thats it. You should be able to configure the joystick by running
"/usr/X11R6/bin/joycal /dev/joy0"

Xmame still is not working with this joystick, but at least the joystick
works. I know it works because of the perl test line I ran:

perl -e

which I grabbed from the joy(4) man page.

Thanks Mat!


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> 	Another thought.  The new joy module has to be loaded *before*
> the sound driver.
> 	--Mat
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