fxtv bugs.

Peter B pb at ludd.luth.se
Wed Jun 25 13:40:24 PDT 2003

Fxtv (fxtv -help) specify this mailinglist:
  Please mail Fxtv and Bt848 driver-related comments and help requests to the
  multimedia at freebsd.org list.  Feel free to subscribe and contribute 
  (listserv: majordomo at freebsd.org).

I have some suggestions regarding the fxtv application:

  * Grab both halfpictures before displaying them. Possible using 
    doublebuffering (?).
    In scenes that have fast moveing action. Lines tend to not align

  * Still picture grab at KeyPress without requiring KeyRelease. Similar to how
    Xawtv does the same function. The previous problem with halfpicture
    alignment seems to haunt the still picture grab aswell.
    The issue of KeyPress & KeyRelease is that it will not grab pictures at
    the intended time.

  * Allow keyboard events to be received in the gadget area aswell.
    When trying to switch channels and the mouse pointer is over the graphical
    channel selector, keyboard commands are ignored. Should be a simple
    XEvent area or event mask problem.

  * Check input selection overflow -> turnover.
    If one uses "keycode 112 (keysym 0xffaf, KP_Divide)" to change source:
    "Tuner" -> "Video"  -> "S-Video"  -> "CS-Video"  -> "Device 3"
    The application will say on 'Device 3':
    TVActionSetStationAction: Bad or missing channel specifier
            Expected channel identifier or channel delta (+#/-#).
    And exit (or core?).

  * If Unmap XEvents are responded to the same way image grab functions. The
    picture won't hang around in window managers like fvwm.

  * The mousepointer locks when fullscreenmode is entered by spacebar or by

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