Matrox G450/G550 TV OUT (not available)

danieleff danieleff at
Tue Jul 8 08:57:19 PDT 2003

	I am quite happy at my matrox G450. The dualhead works like a 
charm both in multidisplay and clone modes. However, I can't seem to get 
TV out to work AT ALL. 
	System:	FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE (as of last friday) 
	X:		XFree86 4.3.0 from ports (as of last saturday) 
	Video:	Matrox G450 dualhead 
	After a lot of research on the matrox forums and on google, I found 
out that neither the current XFree86 4.3.0 drivers and the Matrox mga 
2.0 beta drivers support TV out for both the G450 and G550 series. 
* Matrox Linux Forum 
* Matrox Forum Message from Matrox moderator stating that TV out is 
not supported for G450 
	If you have a G400, TV out works but you are out of luck with 
either G450 or G550. 
	Further research showed that there are non-official solutions to 
this problem. These solutions are Linux based nonetheless. 
* TV-out on the G450 
- lists the current available solutions for Linux 
* TV-out working on the G450 using Petr Vandrovec's matroxfb driver 
* DirectFB has TV-out code that works for the G400/G450/G550 
	Currently, Matrox shows no interest on supporting G450/G550 TV 
output. That's their official statement. Therefore, we either replace our 
cards or provide non-official solutions. I would prefer to try some 
solutions before buying another video card. 
	I would be very much interested to know if anyone has been 
working on providing adhoc solutions for FreeBSD similar to the Linux 
ones? I would be more than willing to beta test those. 
ps: Please, CC: me on your replies since I am not subscribed to this 
mailing list. 

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