Hauppauge WinTV bktr-- no audio.

Alexander Langer alex at big.endian.de
Wed Dec 24 15:51:46 PST 2003

> > bktr0: STB TV/PCI, Philips FR1236 NTSC FM tuner, dbx stereo, msp3400c
> stereo.
> > pci2: <multimedia> at device 6.1 (no driver attached)
> Just a guess...You do have sound support (device pcm) enabled in your

No, this pci2 is the audio chipset, which we don't yet support.
In fact you could attach an extra driver to the soundchip and have it
controlled by mixer etc as if it was a standard sound device.
Windows does it this way, this is why you see 2 devices attached in the
multimedia section of the Windows Control Center.
Having support for this is somewhere on my TODO-list, but as it should
work without, it has no high priority.


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